Our Services:

To achieve our objective we offer a full range of education placement, counseling and associated services, administered by our highly-trained and experienced professionals team via offices in both Riyadh and Melbourne, Australia.  These services includes:

Advice about the majors and occupations that in high demand in the Saudi labor market.

  • Guidance about living standards, lifestyle and cost of living in the host countries based on the number of family members wishing to study abroad.
  • Providing students with an overview of universities acknowledged by the Education Ministry.
  • Assisting students with applications at all education level (English Courses – Bachelor – Master – PhD).
  • Conducting acceptance placement tests to determine the period of study of English required and identifying the appropriate course.
  • Translation and document certifying services.
  • Assisting in securing health insurance for the duration of study.
  • Visa application support (student and tourist).
  • Secure accommodation with an English speaking family (home stay).
  • Airport pickup.
  • Comprehensive support for the student education journey, such as a change of major or change the university or to postpone and extend the period of the study.
  • provide assistance to the student partner to enroll in language institutes and universities.
  • Assistance to enroll children at schools in the host country (public and private).