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Ariel Jhon Senolos is a renowned name in the field of student management and counseling services. He’s currently associated with Masiratna – which is a student immigration website that enables students to further their education abroad.

Not many students get a chance to leave their home country and study abroad. Studying abroad has several benefits for the students. They get to interact with people from varying cultural, religious and socio-economic backgrounds which not only nourishes their outlook towards life but also enhances their learning curve.

How can Ariel Jhon Senolos help? Well, he’s been in the consultancy business for quite some time now. He started out as a teacher in the Imus Cavite area of the Philippines and from that point forward there was no stopping him.

He’s made it his life’s mission to enable students seeking to study abroad, a reality. With his experience as a consultant he’s learned to respond to attend and cater any and all forms of student queries they might have. Whether it’s finding the best-suited institute, seeking to apply for permanent residence, inquiries about the skills in demand and the points system – Ariel J. has answers to them all.

With a major in Philosophy, Ariel has come a long way in equipping himself in the art of logical and systematic thinking process. His early years served in the capacity of a teacher at the Jesus Good Shepherd School also enabled him to tap into the minds of his students wherein he made sure that his students get the best use of their time while they are in school.

He did so by developing instructional resources in the classroom for his students. He participated with them in their training sessions to better supervise their performance. Moreover, he managed their grade books, design projects that facilitated out of the box thinking, planned and integrated competencies, goals as well as objectives to make lectures a practical learning experience, prepared reports, submitted evaluations, etc.

That speaks volumes for Ariel J’s work in the field of imparting education. The world has moved on and so has our desire to seek better opportunities. Australia is one such place in the world which not only provides students with a safer environment but is known for its Skills in Demand Occupation List. The continent’s population is quite low and they need people to add to their growing economy. From hairdressers to cooks to automotive engineers and IT specialists to financial advisors, chartered accountants and you name it – all are in short supply. The manpower is needed and thus, the Australian government has designed specific tertiary and full-fledged bachelors and masters courses for students willing to excel in these areas.

Ariel works for a student affairs organization that helps students fly abroad to pursue different careers and leave their mark on the world, in this case, Australia. He started out in the year 2012 as an Admissions Officer at Masitrana Study Abroad consultancy firm and was actively involved in catering applications for both tourist and student visas.

As a people’s person, Ariel Jhon Senolos is well-versed in responding to both telephonic and email inquiries. For the years served at Masiratna, he’s one of the efficient handlers of student applications for accommodating them into both abroad and local universities.

For a brief time, and to explore other opportunities, Ariel worked as an Education Consultant with AECC Global in General Santos, Philippines where he with his expertise in the domain of overseas study helped students secure visas to Australia, NZ, Canada, and even the USA. Again, as a people’s person, he conducted seminars on foreign education, worked closely with universities and institutes in the abroad, promoted several of their enrolment programs, visited many campuses on foot to assess their authenticity in order to vouch for any blacklisted institutions personally, and so on. This goes to show that Ariel is a man committed to his craft!

After his short stay working for the AECC, Ariel J. returned to which he’s always considered a home – Masiratna Study Abroad. For 5 years prior and to this day he’s helping anybody especially students secure their visas and travel abroad.

A little about Masiratna, it is an organization dedicated to screening institutions and seeking out the best ones to partner up with. For foreign students, the difference in currency can prove to be too much. At Masiratna, we intend to partner up with institutions that are affordable in terms of educational cost and that even allows students to work part-time and not limit them to just studying burdening their folks back home.

At Masiratna, we are currently dedicated to processing applications for Australia and Australian institutions. You can get in touch with able-bodied staff members including Ariel Jhon Senolos for assistance. Ring us or reach out to us via email, but be sure Masiratna is the top consultancy firm that will ensure your trip to the foreign country an unforgettable experience.

The organization also deals with finding accommodations for students in aborad. If they are seeking an apartment or would want to share with other students or prefer an Airbnb arrangement with trusted folks, Masiratna will and can help out in this regard. Many a time, bank statements could become a serious hurdle for students as proof of their affordability such as education fee, cost of living and other expenses is expected by the foreign embassy.

But don’t worry, Masiratna is here to eliminate these hurdles and will see to it that your application process goes as seamless as possible. Visit our website for more information on visa requirements, student testimonials, admissions, life in Australia, upcoming events and more!

They say traveling is the best thing that you can do for yourself. At Masiratna, that vision is no longer a dream. You can with the right set of tools and guidance see the world and learn what your heart and soul desires. Ariel and many others like him strive in this business every day to help people like YOU realize their life long pursuits.

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